Field Trip

#music   #sounddesign    #audiopostproduction


Field Trip is an open source documentary with an interactive storyline about an unconventional place: Tempelhof Field - an airfield in the heart of Berlin metropolis. Field Trip tells the story of what, for some, is a 300 hectare free urban paradise, for others a place of forced labour, and for yet more a safe haven. By using the technique of open hypervideo and intense on-site and online community development, Field Trip aims at becoming a living documentary.


Producer, Author, Director: Eva Stotz

Co-Author, User Experience: Frédéric Dubois

Creative Technologist: Joscha Jäger

Creative Producer: Svenja Klüh

Webdesigner, Front-End: Olivier Guillard

Animator: Filippo Letizi

Editor: Michal Kuleba 

Camera: Emma Rosa Simon, Ben Bernhard, Jenny Lou Ziegel

Audio Recording: Garip Özdem, Claudia Meyer, Frieder Unselt

Composer und Music supervisor: Frieder Nagel

Sounddesigner und AudioPostproduction: Frieder Nagel, Clemens Nürnberger 

Colour Correction: Rasmus Sievers, Trollfilm