Don Juan techno club

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Don Juan reimagined as a contemporary dance and acoustic techno performance at St. Katharina Open Air, Nuremberg. The myth of Don Juan combined with the collective search for meaning and identity in the modern age.



Choreography by Fukiko Takase

Music by Daniel Brandt & Frieder Nagel

Ballet Master: Po Lin Tung, Davide Di Pretoro


Dancers: Martin Anguli, Stephen Quildan, Sara Enrich Bertran, Fukiko Takase, Aika Tsuchida, Thomas Rohe

Musicians: Wolfgang Aue (Flute), Anja Schaller (Violin), Cornelius Bönsch (Violoncello), Daniel Brandt (Drums, Synthesizers), Frieder Nagel (Synthesizers, Electronics)


Lighting Design: Nico De Rooij, Djana Covic

Dramaturgy: Rainer Mennicken

Costumes: Tanja Jesek

Video Production: Daniel Brandt


Production: Internationale Gluck-Festspiele

Concept and project management: Frieder Nagel

Fotos by Ludwig Olah